About Us

why RAExpert

RAE exists to make getting research approved easier. Easier for everyone. Applying, reviewing, editing, approving, tracking, storing applications, and analyzing research at your institution over time. RAE makes it easier.

company mission

To help the research community do more and better research that benefits us all.


Cristina and Brian are the founding principals of RAExpert. With college, business and REB experience, they saw an opportunity to simplify and improve existing REB processes in both the academic and non-academic worlds, and hence RAE!



RAExpert values

Honesty and clarity – we guarantee that RAE does what we say it will do, we’ll fix anything that doesn’t work, and we’ll support our users.

Confidentiality – we will ensure the confidentiality of all information entered into RAE. Your privacy is our priority.

Relationships – RAE is not a transactional purchase but an investment. Our goal is long term relationships with research institutions in Canada and around the world.

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