Existing REB application processes are time and energy consuming: too many mistakes or misunderstandings, too much backing and forthing, too many delays. All of this costs time and money. Based upon our research we estimate that the cost of RAE is approximately 25% of the wasted cost… mileage may vary. 


Prior to designing RAE we spoke with many REBs and subsequently built an optimized version of the existing processes. In brief, the current processes are slow, require rework, and are a painful process for all involved: initial applications are sent back for more information more than 50% of the time! RAE makes the process faster.  


RAE is simple. Menu-driven, options  available only to those users authorized to use them, extensive help built into the tool, with unlimited support from RAExpert staff. RAE is easier than what you’re doing now! And everything is tracked – you’ll always know what happened and when. 


Most REB’s data are NOT safe!  Emails, documents, spreadsheets, pdfs and slide shows which are all spread among various computers at your institution… your data are there… somewhere… but where? And, when you get audited, or there is an issue, it will be a nightmare to track it all down. RAE’s data is all in one place, all the time.

Cloud Based

All data are available, backed up and stored remotely. Simple to deploy – no need to get IT involved (they’re busy anyway.)

RAE is accessible at anytime and from anywhere .


We’re in Canada and so is your data.  Your data is your data, nobody else’s – EVER.  

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